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After another Ministry of Education hui for principals, a comment was made that the whole fiasco of the Community of Schools / Community of Learning negotiations with NZEI, have left teachers “…with the Deathstar,...

Community of Learning Mincer

In relation to Ministry comments at a recent Community of Learning hui for Board of Trustees. “The Community of Learning… is a pathway… to move a student through the pipeline…”

Rangiora High principal ‘bullied’

Rangiora High School’s principal alleges ”sustained bullying” by the school’s commissioner. Source: Rangiora High principal ‘bullied’ This follows on from this ongoing saga for this school and this principal that has been happening since...

Listen to Reading

Listen to Reading

One thing I have always been an advocate for is reading to the students. Most days I will set aside 10-15 minutes for this, if not more. With this ‘Listening Post’ so to speak,...