Category: Top Teacher Tips

A series of short videos showing a range of tips and tricks to different teaching aspects in a classroom.


Letter Keepsafe

Need somewhere to keep all your classroom display letters? Sick of re-making letters all the time. Keep them safe in this Top Teacher Tip.


Sticky Labels

Always needing labels or needing to stick paper print outs to things? Use this Top Teacher Tip to make your life easier! #FlipTheTape #TooEasy


Repeatable Centres

Need to label a bunch of cubby holes in your class, but don’t want to measure each time to find the centre? Use this Top Teacher Tip to make the whole process easier!


Stuck Staples

Here’s the first (of many?) Top Teacher Tip. Heading back into the classroom this week, many teachers will come across this problem in their classroom, especially if they don’t have vertiface on the walls.