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Victory Over Death 2 – Colin McCahon

Blogging Legend: Week 1 3. Write a blog post about your favourite movie/song/piece of art including how it relates to your life as an educator. As an artist, musician, and movie lover, this challenge...


EdBookNZ Terms – 2015

This year I was asked to write a guest article for EdBookNZ 2015, which is an initiative started up for the Connected Educator month of October each year. Check it out here


The Collaborative Classroom

The Collaborative Classroom Teaching environments and modern ways of reinventing knowledge. The silent classroom is a thing of the past. Long days at your desk, all facing north, with the teacher’s desk aligned in...


Inspiration – What I blog about

2. Write a blog post about why you blog professionally and some of the things you blog about. Share it using the #EdBlogNZ hashtag so the newbies can get further ideas to blog about....