CAFE Strategies

Strategy Videos

Part of teaching the Daily 5 has been creating a short video series for teachers to use in their class, or for students to view. I have made these files available for all, and I use them in my class all the time. It provides opportunity for flipped learning, but also for students to go back and re-watch in their own time. It also gives me as the teacher a short break to get things sorted, while the students are still learning from me; just in video format.
ComprehensionAccuracyFluencyExpand Vocabulary


Comprehension Videos

  1. Retell the story
  2. Use prior knowledge
  3. Make a picture or mental image
  4. Ask questions

  5. Predict then confirm

  6. Infer and support with text

  7. Use text features


Accuracy Videos

  1. Read the sentence again and say the first sound
  2. Use known words to work out similar words
  3. Stretch the words


Fluency Videos

  1. Read ‘good fit’ books
  2. Read favourite books again and again
  3. Practise sight words
  4. Recognise sight words
  5. Adjust your reading rate depending on the text

Expand Vocabulary

Expand Vocabulary Videos

  1. Tune into interesting words
  2. Use pictures and diagrams
  3. Use word parts to determine meaning

CAFE Strategy Videos