Daily 5


There are so many resources out there for Daily 5, but quantity does not necessarily mean quality. At the end of the day, you only need one set of anchor charts, one CAFE menu, etc. So you don’t need every resource in the world. What I have done is listed the resources I use in my classroom. Your visual tastes may differ, but these are the best I have found and/or adapted from.

Daily 5 Book

Firstly, I would highly recommend purchasing this book if you’re getting into Daily 5. It outlines the pedagogy behind Daily 5, the struggles that the authors went through to create a new programme, and how it all works. It also comes with a helpful CD that comes with all of the recommended programme plans, teaching points, templates, and other useful resources to use in your class. Purchase Daily 5 from Mightyape.

The CAFE Book

This book completely compliments the Daily 5 book, and shows how you as a teacher can conference and direct students towards different strategies that will assist them with their reading learning. Purchase The CAFE Book from Mightyape.

Anchor Charts

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There are thousands of these out there, and, truth be told, it wouldn’t be too hard to make your own, or even draw them up on newsprint to stick on the wall. But these are the ones I use in my class. After looking through a whole load of these, I found these to have the most consistent theme, and most interesting as well.
Daily 5 Anchor Charts  

Other Resources

There are loads of other resources out there that teachers have made available to use. These are just some links to where you can find them