Educational Resumé

Professional Philosophy

Teaching isn’t just about being in front of a class, calling a roll, and writing reports any more.
Teaching isn’t just about Reading, Writing, and Maths.

To be a teacher is to be an inspiration to your students and dare them to dream.
To be a teacher is to engage them with learning that is integral to them as humans, that relates to them as individuals.
To be a teacher is to unleash students into a world where they can shine and be themselves, armed with their education.

Current Position

ICT Leader, Arakura School 209 Wellington Road
Wainuiomata, Wellington 5014
New Zealand


This is my ePortfolio for evidence attaining to the Practising Teaching Criteria. Please be advised, many of these documents are not for public viewing, as they contain sensitive and personal information.

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Daily 5

In 2014, I decided to trial the use of Daily 5 as my literacy programme. By using the five activities of Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing, students were able to choose what they worked on when they wanted. It built trust and responsibility throughout the class, and students engaged with the learning. Academically, students made progress, and their love for literacy was enhanced through this programme. I will continue to use this in following years as I continue to develop my own practise.


In 2014 I took over the running of Arakura School sports. This included in house sporting events, as well as Interschool Sports events throughout the year. I organised teams, and transport to these events, and encouraged students to play fair and have fun. In Term 1, Arakura School went unbeaten in two of the three Rippa Rugby tournaments, with the other team only losing one match, and finished winning their pool. Parents worked in with me and I encouraged them to coach and build up team moral during lunchtimes.

1 to 1

In 2015, the Board approved for the trial of a 1-to-1 classroom, where each student in my class will have access to a Chromebook to use for their learning. At the same time, I moved from teaching Year 5 & 6 students, to teaching Year 3 & 4’s. While I would love to teach 1-to-1 with the older students, it provides an excellent opportunity to increase my experience, and get a handle on both the Junior side and the Senior side of the school.

Mercury Mask Design

This work was created by a student in my class. It is a mask designed to be the fire of Mercury, as our class was the first planet in the solar system to be visited by students who were lost in space – the theme for the school production. It also shows her creativity, and the design process as she went from planning, to making, modifying, and then presenting as part of the production item. I kept this photo because it captures a very soulful look from this student, who demonstrated maturity, and a good attitude towards all areas of learning.

Teaching and Learning

Work History

Primary School Teacher – Year 3/4

JANUARY 2015 to Present | ARAKURA SCHOOL Teaching in a Year 3/4 mixed class, with 1-to-1 Chromebooks for the students to use. Decile 3 school with 180-200 pupils. Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees from 2011. Head of ICT from 2009.

Primary School Teacher – Year 5/6

OCTOBER 2009 to DECEMBER 2014 | ARAKURA SCHOOL Teaching in a Year 5/6 mixed class. Decile 3 school with 180-200 pupils. Head of ICT from 2010. Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees from 2011. Sports Coordinator from 2014. Education

Bachelor Of Arts / Bachelor Of Teaching

MARCH 2005 – NOVEMBER 2008 | VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF WELLINGTON Co-joint degree from Victoria University, specialising in Primary and Secondary Teaching, with Majors in Art History, Maori Studies, and Visual Art.

Diploma Of Art And Creativity With Honours

AUGUST 2002 – NOVEMBER 2004 | THE LEARNING CONNEXION Foundation Course – 2002 Diploma of Art and Creativity, specialising in Mural Art and Computer Graphics and Design – 2003 Diploma of Art and Creativity, specialising in Painting and Computer Graphics – 2004 Certifications

Google Certified Educator

SEPTEMBER 2014 | Google Inc. Google Certified Educator in Google Apps and Google Chrome. Online tests passed with 80% or more in September 2014.

Pond Pioneer Educator

MAY 2014 | Network4Learning. Signing up to be one of the first 500 teachers in Pond (Online Resources for Network 4 Learning) gave me the title of a ‘Pioneer Educator’. In October 2014 I was invited to be part of a think tank workshop of other enthusiastic Pond users to help create and develop new stages within the Pond.

Teaching History

I began my journey to teaching in the public sector in March 2009, where I began relieving at a range of different schools around the Hutt Valley. Mid way through that year, I began teaching at Arakura School, and in Term 4, landed my first full time job teaching Year 5 & 6 students. In 2010 I was appointed as the head of ICT, and quickly began to upgrade the school with Interactive projectors in each class, updated our school management system to include our assessment and reporting, classroom iPads, and in 2014 purchased Chromebooks for the senior classes. In 2011 I was elected onto the Board of Trustees as the staff representative and have served on the Board ever since. I have had an interest both in the integration of technology into teaching and learning, as well as looking into property development. I have been an integral part of setting up the school website which has undergone many different iterations in my time there. I have also remodelled the school website, and in 2013 developed a suitable poster for advertising our enrolment information at the local kindergartens. In 2014 I was able to attend the INTERFACExpo, and was inspired by the ideas behind Network4Learning’s (N4L) ‘Pond‘. Getting signed up was reasonable straight forward, and I soon found myself as a Pioneer Educator making contributions to this community. In October, I was invited to a small workshop in Auckland to take part in developing some Pond resources, and giving some insight for the developers and coders into what works for teachers, and what would be the next steps for Pond to take to be a well-rounded and useful resource that all teachers will want to use.

The Design Process – Kung Fu Panda

Throughout the course of the term, our class worked on creating a ‘sequel’ to Kung Fu Panda as our item in the school production. I purposefully had a very hands off approach to this unit, allowing the students to work on each aspect of the item; from writing the script, to choreographing the action, to creating the costumes for the students. I recorded the process through photos, and collated it all into some Kung Fu Panda based posters as a final presentation for the class to remember the item by.

Literacy | 8.0 / 10

In 2014 I began using Daily 5 as the base for my Literacy teaching. Daily 5 centres around Reading to Self, Reading to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing. It allows students to choose their own writing topic, and reading book, and gives them those skills to do so appropriately. By working independently on these 5 activities, it allows the teacher to roam and have individual conferences with some students during the session. It also gives suitable breaks for the students, which are filled with quick 10 minute lessons surrounding Reading Strategies.

Numeracy | 7.0 / 10

I have been using the Ministry of Education provided ‘Numeracy Project’ since the beginning of my career, and have adapted and developed it to work with me and the classroom I am in. The base of my Mathematics lessons centre around ability groups, with two groups consisting of the older year age, and another two for the younger age. In 2015, our school embarked on Rich Mathematics Tasks as part of our P.D. I have been gathering resources for these as I use them with different year levels.

Google Apps | 8.0 / 10

I have been using Google Apps for Education since 2013. I regularly use Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Forms to create a range of different possibilities for my learners. I am a Certified Google Educator (September 2014)

Leadership | 6.5 / 10

I have been the Head of ICT at my school since 2010, and the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees since 2011. From 2008 to 2012 I was the Captain of 10th Wellington Boys’ Brigade until it closed in 2012.

Photography | 8.0 / 10

I have been a hobby photographer for the last few years. I use it to enthuse my visual creativity, as well as documenting life, travel, locations, and sports.

Web Design | 9.0 / 10

I have been developing Websites both for small companies and personally since 2005. A range of these can be found at my website.