Remote Learning – What I’m doing as a Teacher

So the time has come where COVID-19 has forced us into the inevidable lockdown, and everyone is now required to work from home. As a teacher, the expectation is that we continue to provide an education for students, largely with online based materials for those who have access from home.

I may be exceeding expectations here, but none of us have done this before, and I’m going to do what I can do to be the best teacher for my students, especially now in such an uncertain time.

Advance Organiser

Tomorrow morning my advance organiser will be sent out via Google Classroom to my students. This is just a Google Doc with an outline for the day, similar to what I run through with them at the start of a ‘normal’ school day.

The outline for the day will keep much of the same routine that they would have at school. Many of the activities we do in class they can do at home. This will hopefully provide some kind of normality to the uncertainty that is happening right now.

I’ve set a lot of these documents up as templates, so that I can copy and paste them each day, with minor adjustments. This makes it easier for myself as the teacher to replicate each day and not get bogged down by continually having to create things. I can just copy and paste over what is relevant each day.

Bookmark Bar

To those ends, I’ve temporarily created a folder in my Bookmarks Bar to keep every online service and teacher dashboard, document template and Google Classroom resource that I’ll be using in one place.

Google Classroom

Today I spent the morning getting the students to sign up to Google Classroom. Usually this is something I’d already done by now, but for some reason this task had gotten lost in the beginnings of the year activities.

However, for tomorrow I have added in scheduled posts to be released at the relevant points in the day. This keeps kids from rushing ahead into the tasks, and spreads the work out throughout the day. This will also help keep the routine. All I had to do to create the scheduled posts is work through the Advance Organiser document I’d created for the day and posted an Assignment or Material with documents or links and scheduled them for specific times.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day – this might be over the top… but I’ve made it to be as sustainable for myself most of all, so that I can maintain this throughout the foreseeable future. I’m not sure how many (if any) of my students will log in and join in with the programme. But even if just one student logs in and wants to follow the learning activities at home, then as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth it.

Stay safe out there everyone.