Lockdown Learning: Set up your Teacher Browser for Lockdown

I use Chrome browser exclusively these days. There are a number of reasons why, but I won’t go into those here. The reality is, you can PROBABLY do this in any browser, but you’ll have to search through the settings on how to do it in them.

Basically, what I found is that as a teacher teaching remotely I had a whole heap of tabs that I routinely used to set up the day. Google Classroom Stream, Google Classroom Classwork, Google Docs for the Overview of the Day, YouTube studio for uploading the videos I recorded, and more.

Rather than spending five minutes opening those each day, I figured, while I’m on lockdown, I may as well have them routinely open all the time whenever I open my browser. That way, I can maximise my sleep ins and be ready to go with the pages I needed!

Here’s how to do it!

Firstly, open up every page you want open that you regularly use for the lockdown. You can even have multiple tabs of the same site if that site has different pages in it. For instance, I like to have the Stream for Google Classroom open, as well as, the Classwork page open so that I know what I named each of the Material for each day. I can have these both open in different tabs. Once you’ve opened each page in a new tab put them in order that works for you. I usually have the most used on the left through to less important on the right.

Make sure that the tabs you have open are the default pages. For instance, if you want your Inbox to be open, have it open on the standard Inbox page, not a specific email, otherwise it will open that email each and every time. This is, of course, unless you want that specific email to be opened each time!

Open up settings by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and selecting “Settings”. Alternatively type “chrome://settings/” into a new browser tab.

This will open up the settings page.

At the bottom of that basic page, you will find the following screen

Once you find this, don’t worry about adding new pages to the list. Just click on “Use current pages”. This will load in each of the tabs that you have open at the time, that you started at the start of this tutorial.

And you’re done.

At the end of this lockdown and we’re back in class teaching the kids, you can go back to your home page settings.

Enjoy. And stay safe.