Lockdown Learning – List of Resources

Last week I posted that I would make a list of resources, apps, software, and programs that would assist you in providing remote learning.

I regret mentioning it. Because I have decided that this is counter-productive for two reasons.

Firstly, others have already started doing the same thing. Most notably, the Ministry of Education.

Secondly, due to reflecting on this over the last week or so, I’ve determined that actually, the saturation of these apps and free trials of products is overwhelming and unproductive for many teachers, and actually, Teachers will be better to stick with what we know. It will not only help us to keep our remote learning plans programme manageable (and therefore sustainable) for us, but also will be familiar and accessible to our students who are learning from home and don’t really need to be learning how to use software at the same time. If we know they can already use it because we used it when we were at school together, then we’re more confident that they’ll be able to complete the tasks we’re asking of them.

So, in short, this is us saying we’re not going to be adding a list of notable software, products that have been made free, or recommended apps for different tasks.

Use what you’re familiar with. Use what you know works for you and what works for your students.

If you’d like a list of software, apps, and ideas that can be used to assist you in delivering your remote learning plans, please visit these two sites:

Learning from Home – learningfromhome.govt.nz

Teach from Home – teachfromhome.google