Lockdown Learning: Benefits to Teaching Remotely

Over the course of this time of remote learning, where students are at home, teachers are at home and we’re delivering some form of curriculum to them via a range of methods, usually online, there are a great deal of struggles that make this form of teaching undesirable. There is of course a reason why we continue to deliver widespread education in these places called schools.
Of course, it’s not for everyone, and homeschoolers across the country are all laughing at us right now!

But I have to admit, there are SOME benefits to teaching from home – not that I’d ever want to see this style become the new norm!

  1. Not having to announce to the class that you’re going to the office (when you really need a bathroom break).
  2. Snacking.
  3. Muttering under your breath without the fear of students hearing your frustrations.
  4. A wider spread appreciation from parents who now understand the immense task you have dealing with not only their child’s learning, but 29 others as well!
  5. Voice strain nearly non-existent.
  6. Not spending money on things for my class that I really don’t need!
  7. Not having to wait for the microwave.
  8. Not having to think what the weather will be like so you can dress appropriately.
  9. Not having to dress appropriately.
  10. Having bacon and eggs in your dressing gown during a fitness lesson.
  11. Being able to eat a lolly without being snapped by your class. I used to always sneak one back to class when they were on the table in the staff room and then try eat it without the kids noticing!
  12. Having the choice of drinking anything other than water at ‘school’ if I want.
  13. Starting AND finishing a hot coffee.
  14. Being able to check your phone whenever you like.
  15. No lunchtime duty or road patrol in the rain.
  16. Lunchtime doesn’t get filled up with meetings or medical emergencies.
  17. Sleeping in until 8:55 before you start school!
  18. Not having “Classroom” smells.
  19. Not spending all afternoon sorting out a fight that happened at lunchtime.
  20. Not having to constantly remind student’s of their excessive noise levels while working.

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