COVID-19 Lockdown

Hi all,

As I’m sure you can appreciate, I’ve been flat out busy focusing on my class and getting remote learning up and running. I’ve been trialing different things and trying to set up a system for learning that works for the students, and works for me as their teacher.

Because of this, I’ve been somewhat negligent of updating and posting to Unleash Education. I apologise.

Over the next few weeks I am planning on collating a wide range of resources that might help teachers with remote learning while the country is in lock down.

Do remember, that we all have different skill levels, especially when it comes to technology and ICT. The expectation is for teachers to do all that is practicable to continue teaching remotely. For some, that might be engaging with all the bells and whistles, video conferencing with students, recording online lessons and opening interactive whiteboards and creating presentations. For others, practicable might just be sending out a weekly plan of some activities students could do at home this week.

The important thing to remember is to look after yourself.

Don’t fret if you’re not up with the play and doing all these awesome things technology allows us to do in this day and age. Do what works for you, personally. Don’t compare yourself to others or put yourself down because you feel like you’re doing less than what your colleagues are doing. And if you’re feeling like you’re doing too much and possibly creating unreasonable expectations of yourself, then feel free to scale it back. The chances are if you’re feeling overwhelmed by doing everything, then your students will be feeling the pressure to do everything too, which might be overwhelming for them in this uncertain time.

So, over the next two weeks during the ‘school holidays’, take some time out for yourself. Get yourself into a routine at home. Figure out how this lock down works for you and your family. Focus on getting that right. Then towards the end of these holidays, just before Easter, begin to work out what remote learning is going to look like for you and your class. Check back here at Unleash Education for ideas or resources. Check out a few of the other key sites about online learning, especially those put out by the Ministry of Education here in New Zealand, such as Learning from Home.

Stay safe. Stay home. And look after yourself.