Valuing Teachers: Teacher Salaries Compared

A pay deal offered to teachers would put some among the country’s top earners.

Teachers are stuck in a stand-off with the Government over its latest pay offer.

What’s been offered – and rejected – looks something like this.

Primary teachers with a degree, or advanced diploma, would have their base salaries increase to a range of $52,429 to $82,992, from $47,980 to $71,891 currently. Primary teachers with teaching qualifications and a specialist subject degree would get a bit more — $54,186 to $85,481.

A beginner secondary teacher’s base salary would increase from $51,200 to $55,948 if they were to start teaching in 2021.

More than 10,000 primary teachers, or about a third, get more than the top of the base scale (currently $71,891) because they receive extra payments in recognition of management or leadership responsibilities.

The latest rejected offer would put a primary teacher with one unit for extra responsibilities at $89,481 a year by 2021.

 Almost 60 per cent, or 12,000 secondary teachers, are paid above the top of their base scale.


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