Daily 5 – Reading or Writing Student Conference

I have just made this resource to assist my Teacher Aide(s) in meeting with regular students during Daily 5. It outlines various questions and learning based conversations to have as to what the student has chosen to meet with them about (either Reading or Writing). This helps support the student to make choices, and depending on what stage they are up to with their writing or reading determines the kind of responses and coaching the teacher aide will provide.

While this has been developed for a Teacher Aide to use, it can also be used by Teachers as well. It largely follows the same kind of conference I have with my students when I meet with them.

The idea behind this would be to fold it in half and laminate it. Then it can sit in a folder in class, or be stuck to the wall somewhere and depending on what the student chooses, the resource can just be flipped to the relevent side. It can sit along side the Teacher or Teacher Aide as they conference with the student.

Teacher Aide Daily 5.pdf (143 kb)