Killing Cortisol: What if Education and Poverty aren’t to blame?

Over the last year and a half, I have been thinking on this, ever since being introduced to the stress hormone cortisol. 
As always, I looked for a different way of presenting what I found out, and what I think could be a game changer in education - if anyone will listen. 
It is always quite scary and nerve racking being at the forefront of anything new. Essentially what I need are a few more knowledgeable people in the area of brain chemistry, learning, child development, and stress disorders, to confirm that what I have is legitimate, and will make a difference.
At this stage, it is merely speculation. It is paper proof - but now it needs to be put into action, which requires a big step of faith.
Either which way, here is my inquiry into the stress hormone cortisol and the effect it has on our children, especially the impact it has on those attending low decile schools, and why those of lower socio-economic areas generally have lower achievement rates.

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