World Class – Bryan Bruce

I can’t remember a time when a education documentary was this anticipated.

I’m not sure what content it will hold, whether it will be one eyed and one sided, or whether it will hold anything worthwhile.

I also don’t think that it will make much of a difference. Will the powers that be watch it? Will they listen? It will be interesting to see.

“The young primary school teacher knew he had some explaining to do.

After all, most of the children in his class weren’t in their seats – heck, half of the 10 and 11-year-olds weren’t even in the classroom – and the school inspector had walked in, taken one look and his jaw had just dropped.

The teacher, though, had other ideas – after all this was 1976 and looking after a class of 34 pupils at Mount Pleasant School in Christchurch wasn’t just about lining desks up in rows, keeping the kids quiet, eyes front, and then not smiling till Easter for fear the youngsters found you too approachable and took advantage.”

Tune in on TV3 at 7:30-8:30pm  or  TV3 +1  at 8:30-9:30.