Te Reo Māori Wallpaper

So last week I came across a neat little graphic someone had made with some Te Reo Māori requests / instructions on them.

I was thinking tonight, that there has to be a way that can be a quick reference for me in class to access these. I realised that a graphic on my phone would sit in my photos album and I could remind myself of them every now and then.

But I wasn’t happy with that.

No. I needed somewhere more accessible.

Like on the lock screen.

So I downloaded a template for the right sizes (for my iPhone 5S) and set about converting the original graphic into something somewhat pleasing to look at, all with the Te Reo kīanga (phrases) to jog my memory until they become part of my every day kōrero.

Because I’m a bit of a geek, I like having the same (or nearly the same) background for my lockscreen and home screen, as the icons appear to zoom as you unlock. To help with this (but removing confusion of overlapping text from app icons) I’ve created a ‘home screen’ background as well, which contains the same background, less the Te Reo Māori phrases.

Hopefully many of you will also find some use for them.

iPhone 5S


Lock Screen

 Home Screen

Note: I have the intention of making these for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in due course. Android users may just have to make do with the sizes that are a closest match.