Practising Teacher Criteria and Microsoft OneNote

As we move further into tighter and tighter regulations around registering as a teacher, the need to keep track of and collate evidence of our ability as teachers to teach becomes more and more important. The Practising Teacher Criteria requires teacher to collect evidence and artefacts and keep track of these to show how we meet each of the 12 criteria.

Over the last few years I have developed a couple of models with which to do this.
One involves using Google Sites and Google Drive, which I prefer.

The other involves Microsoft OneNote.

If you already use OneNote, you may wish to keep your evidence and artefacts of your teaching to the 12 criteria in a Notebook within OneNote.

PTC Template

Thinking ahead, before I built my own notebook, I made a skeleton outline to save as a template.

In the template, I have made 12 folders, each representing one of the criteria. I have also included an “Administration” folder for bits and bobs associated with the PTC, but not necessarily part of it. Each of the 12 folders have a “Welcome page” that outlines the criteria.

Once created, you can go ahead and add pages, documents, items into each folder to build your collection of evidence for your PTC. It’s all fairly straight forward.

Privacy & Security

One common and important question about these methods is the privacy of students that are being used as examples of evidence etc.
Both Google Sites and Google Drive have a full range of permissions, from full editing to view only, to completely private (Only Me) modes.
Microsoft OneNote package operates more like a Word doc, where only those with access to the file will be able to see it. Naturally, you can share this over OneDrive, or by email, but ultimately, the privacy is in your control with who can view the files.


So, as I am doing with a lot of my teaching things at the moment, I am making this template freely available for you to use for your own use. It is protected under creative commons, meaning you can’t go on to sell copies of this, but you can feel free to edit it, modify it for your own use, develop it further, and use it.