The Impact of Daily 5 Continues


Previously I wrote about the impact of Daily 5 in a Year 3 and 4 class.
In this article I focus in on some of those students, as well as others, who have made progress under Daily 5.
For privacy, I will call students by generic anglo-saxon names.

What happened to Jake?

In the previous article we investigated the impact that Daily 5 had on Jake, a student in the class who was a reluctant reader.

I have continued to monitor Jake’s progress, but also his attitude. In a recent questionnaire conducted with the class, I asked what their favourite thing to do in their spare time was. Jake’s response was “Reading”; something which would not have been directly obvious if his prior results had shown us without the intervention of Daily 5. You can find out more about Jake’s progress later on.

Full Article

Read the full article here:
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If you enjoyed this article, there will be another one published next week with the findings from this year (2016). Keep an eye out for it soon!