Teacher Wellbeing – The Importance of Sleep

How much sleep do you get? Is it quality sleep? Sleep nourishes your body, and is pretty essential to integrate all the days’ stimuli. Here are a few tips that might help you get a restful night, full of some delicious quality sleep, tonight.

This is something I don’t have a lot of problems with. If I’m honest, I think I am part log, because as soon as the light goes out, I tend to be asleep with in a matter of minutes, and rarely wake up until sunrise.

I know that for a lot of teachers though, this is not the case. Thinking about class, assessments, issues, parents, deadlines; all gets in the way of allowing for sleep.

I know one thing that some teachers to is to have a pad and paper next to their bed so that anything that bothers them in the night that they need to remember to do in the morning, they can quickly jot it down and forget about it.

Maybe you have your own routine. Comment away!