Teacher Wellbeing – Fun in the Workplace

Teacher Wellbeing – #01

Fun in the Workplace

The first of the series of Teacher Wellbeing videos released in July 2015 reminds us to get back to basics in the workplace and have a bit of fun.

If it’s one thing my current school does well, it’s have a laugh. We’re definitely a special bunch who can give and take humour at all hours of the day. Whether it be a jovial lunchtime discussion about cooked vs. raw cheese, the retelling of a particular hot air balloon story, or particularly ‘blonde’ moments of different staff members, we have for many years learned not to take ourselves seriously.

But I know that it is not like that in every staffroom. In fact, I’m pretty certain our particular staffroom, however jovial, however crass, is one in a million. We certainly get awkward looks from visitors, who quickly learn to let their guard down a little.

So if you can, try just one thing from this video and see what happens. The number one rule in my class is ‘Have Fun’!